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oh my lush!!!

Well, this is my first post in English (and probably the last... Oh my Gosh, it is not easy not to write in your native language but I have many new friends that cannot read Greek, so this post is dedicated to one of them, Carmen, my new friend from UK). 
When Carmen announced that she will be back in Britain for the holidays (I mean Christmas holidays.. oh yes... so long time ago) she gently asked me if I need something and before completing her sentence I had already answered ''YES YES YES LUSH!!!'' (I think she looked at me in a strange way, but of course that didn't change my mind at all. I desperately wanted something from LUSH). Last time I visited UK I fell in love with coffeeshops, milkshakes (we have in Greece as well but in Britain they taste different, don't they?), Topshop, Boots and of course Lush! Unfortunately the shipping costs are high, so buying products from the e-shop is a forbidden pleasure for me. 

One day, during a break, I saw Carmen taking off a small perfume stick and implementing it on her wrist, so I asked her hypnotized: ''Oooohhh Carmen what is this??'' she explained me, I smelled it and.. that's it! I couldn't stop thinking about it for almost 2 months- seriously. Finally it's mine!! As you can guess it smells pure and sweet and heady vanilla! And it really lasts!

But I had a surprise-gift as well that Carmen picked up for me! It is one of these incredible bath bombs that you launch into the water and then the only thing you have to do is to enjoy your bath! This bomb is called ''cinders'' and smells like honey and orange but in a more ''sweety'' way, that you almost want to eat it! 

These beautiful products were into a Cath Kidston make up bag (another surprise). Carmen asked me casually: ''Villy would you like this bag, we have plenty of them in Britain..'', so immediately grabbed it. (we don't say no in these cases-opportunities, right?)

P.S. I'm sooo extremely excited about my new stuff!!! Wait... where is my bath bomb?? It was right in front of me... Where is.. I swear I can smell it right now.... Moooooom!! What are you doing in the bathroom and where is my bath bomb?!?!? Moooooom!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Το είχα δοκιμάσει σε μορφή spray και ήταν τέλειο, όντως μεγάλη διάρκεια! Μετάνιωσα που δεν το πήρα τελικά :P

    1. ναι και πραγματικά δεν το περίμενα να διαρκεί τόσο!! και είναι και πολύ εύχρηστο, το έχεις στην τσάντα σου χωρίς φόβο μήπως σπάσει!

  2. Αγαπώ Kath Kidston!!Πήγε Αγγλία η κολλητή μου και μου έφερε απο τα Kath Kidston νεσσεσερ με το ιδιο μοτιβο με το δικο σου,και απλα το έχω ερωτευθει!!!!!Και το σαπουνακι πρέπει να είναι απίστευτο!!!!!!

    1. μα δεν είναι καταπληκτικά νεσεσεράκια?? βέβαια το αγαπώ τόσο πολύ που δεν θέλω να το χρησιμοποιήσω μην το χαλάσω!!!


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